Loving Locksmith Safe Moving

We provide repair solutions for your safe that has seen it’s better days. We also offer a complete line of safes to protect your valuables whether they are of personal or commercial interest. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide the service or product that fits your needs and your checkbook.

Repair Service
While a safe is built to stand the test of time and abuse, some of the finer components are more delicate, like the dial or the keypad. When you find any part of your safe not performing the way it should it’s time to take some preventive measures and have it serviced to ensure proper working order continues for years to come.

Safe Cracking
Opening a locked safe does not mean the safe will be disabled. Often we are able to open the safe and repair it saving you the investment of purchasing a new safe.

Key Duplication
Not all safes have dials. And just like a car or home sometimes there is a need for a duplicate key. We are able to create those duplicate keys using the same techniques as a homeowners key.

Safe Combinations
It happens at times that an individual knows the combination to your safe and the relationship falls apart. Don’t put your trust in faith. We can change the combination of your safe to restore the trust and security it is meant to provide.

Safe Moving and Installation Services
Moving a safe can be an extremely difficult and very time consuming endeavor. While many cant, or simply won’t, we have the experience and equipment to transport your safe properly and safely.