There are numerous reasons why you might need a qualified locksmith to open the door of your home. Often the reason is because you’ve locked yourself out. And whether it’s because you forgot your key or lost it we can help. But we offer much more than emergency unlock services. From lock repairs to home safes, Loving Locksmith has your family covered.

Emergency Door Unlock
Our residential emergency door entry fee starts at $65. We guarantee our work and will provide entry back into your home quickly and damage-free.

Re-Key Service
You don’t need to change the entire lock of your door to change the key system. We can re-key your door by making changes to the locking mechanism. This service saves you the expense of purchasing an entire locking system.

Duplicate Keys
It’s the age-old service that every true locksmith provides. It’s a good idea to have a duplicate just in case you get locked out and your spouse or partner is out of immediate reach. Creating a duplicate key is a quick and inexpensive service.

New Locks and Repairs
You don’t always need a brand new lock when your old system begins to fail. Often we can repair the old lock and make it work like new. When the lock is beyond the option of repair we can install a brand new lock quickly and correctly for you.

Door Adjustments
Problems with locks do not always begin with a poorly installed or failing lock. Sometimes a simple door adjustment can cure minor problems and put your entire doorway back into proper working order.

Keypad Locks
If you’re tired of handing out keys to every family member and re-keying or changing locks every time someone loses their key then you will be happy to know we offer keypad locks. The keypad lock eliminates the key and relies on a touchpad code system to permit entry into your home.

Home Safes
While we do our best to protect ourselves at the door there are very few true systems that can protect everyone from the most determined thieves. That doesn’t mean the defenses stop at the door. A quality safe can protect your most precious items from burglary and fire.