There tends to be a lot of confusion when people think of Loving Locksmith Services:

1. People think Loving Locksmith Services is located in Loving, NM.

2. We are actually located in Carlsbad, NM. We do service Loving, NM too!

After weeks of trying to figure out a business name. My name is Kyle Loving, I kept falling back on Loving Locksmith. I ended up using my last name and naming the business after myself. Starting the business in Roswell, I never thought I would move to the Carlsbad area. I didn’t even know the small town of Loving, NM existed. It wasn’t until I moved to this area five years ago.

Most Common questions I get, “Are you from Loving?”, “How often do you drive from Loving to Carlsbad?”, “Is there really a locksmith in Loving?”

People say, “I didn’t know there was a locksmith in Loving.”

I can go on and on telling people the whole story and my name, but sometimes I just end up agreeing and saying yes!

(My grandma says I have a connection to the Loving the town is named after, but I have no idea where or how.)

Hope this helps in clarifying some things. But if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!