Kyle leaning on safe
Kyle Loving of Loving Locksmith

Hello, my name is Kyle Loving the owner and operator of Loving Locksmith Services. I have been in the locksmith field for close to 16 years now. With two years of experience in Roswell, one in Albuquerque, and five in Dallas. I decided I was ready to take the leap of faith and started my own business in February 2013. It is my goal to offer unmatched service to the customer, which is fast, reliable and efficient.

Many times I mention I am a locksmith, people automatically think I only open cars. The most common statement I get is, “Oh, you can open my car!” We offer services in many different areas, such as automotive (unlock, make keys, and duplicate keys), commercial (access control, and surveillance), residential (re-key, hardware install, and security survey), and safes (safe sales, safe service, and opening safes). With the many services currently offered, I am constantly working on expanding.

There are not many locksmiths in the area that can offer complete security to the customer. Most of the work I do is in the commercial area, but I have plenty of experience in the residential area. Most of the time when I approach someone in their home or business I know I am working on their livelihood. Those two things tend to be the most important things to a person. A home contains you, your family and your belongings, all of which tend to be of importance. Security is important to your business because you carry a lot of information about yourself and your clients. And I look forward to securing that information and providing these services to the community and our service area.