Your business, big or small, is the hub of income for you, your employees, and the families of everyone who have invested their time and lives into growing the business. Protecting your business becomes a priority. And while you’re great at developing your business, we’re great at protecting it for you. With a complete line of commercial locksmith services we can provide all the security you and your business require.

Commercial Business Re-Key Service
With multiple employees all holding keys it becomes essential at times to rekey your locks. A disgruntled employee leaves your business can become a negative trust factor. Re-keying the locks means we alter the locking mechanism to accept a new key. It’s less expensive than purchasing and installing brand new locks. We can also make the new keys to fit the rekeyed lock.

Duplicate Commercial Keys
It’s common to duplicate a key for employees who open the business early or work late. It’s a basic procedure to create new or duplicate keys. But we can also restrict the number of keys that can be duplicated. This creates a barrier for employees attempting to make extra keys.

Commercial Locks
Commercial locks typically receive a lot of usage with employees and customers passing through all day. This can lead to some warning signals of locks slipping and generally not performing as they should. In time these signals may lead to complete lock failure. We can repair or replace your locks and bring back the security you and your employees deserve.

Door Hardware
Your locks may be in perfect working order and top of the line products but if your door hardware is not meeting the same standards we can correct the issues that may be putting your business at risk.

Commercial Safes
Often viewed as your last line of defense, a commercial safe can provide peace of mind. We offer free consultation on the right solution for you and your business as well as a complete selection of safes suited to fit your business and budget.

Safe Combinations
If you feel your safe combination may have been compromised we advise you to have the combination changed. It’s a basic service we provide that will once again put your valuables behind a protective barrier.

Security and Surveillance
We welcome the opportunity to consult and provide your business with a full secure package of security cameras and surveillance options. From inside your business to the most protected areas stretching to the entire property outside, we have you covered with numerous layers of security.